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Crisis plan

Day 1. About 4 hours of your time.

Today we will sit down and discuss your business, and the challenges that you are facing. This will include things around you that you can’t control, and also things that you can change. Step 2. of day one is to complete a SWOT analysis, using a simple method that divides the information into a marketing framework that allows us to build an operational plan. You will use this plan like a check list to prioritise and implement the changes in your business.

Day 2. One or two hours of your time.

At this point you just get on with running your business or developing your new business as usual. David will be processing the situational analysis and SWOT information into a set of strategies. Once this has been done we will meet again to go through the strategies including how you reach your customer, how you engage with them, how you convert new customers and keep existing customers. This may take a few of days, but if the situation is urgent we can accelerate this process.

Day 3. One or two hours of your time.

Once you are happy with the strategies from Day 2 and we have worked out which are the most urgent, David will develop the tactical solutions of how you can best deliver the strategies. These tactics will later be developed into a list of tasks (things to do), which will make it easy to assign these jobs to an individual or team of people in your business. This will become your operations plan, you can add a completion date and budget to each task, to help keep things on track.

Day 4. One or two hours of your time.

Now that you have your, situational analysis, SWOT, strategies, tactics and list of tasks it is time to work out which are the most urgent and achievable. Once you have things in order you are ready to implement your new business plan. As tasks are completed you will be able to move onto the next set of tasks on your plan, tick them off as you get closer to the business that you want to be.

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