January 2021, Adelaide, South Australia

Australia is now in our first recession in 30 years - what do we do now?

Read on to find out why you really should SWOT NEXT.

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Playing with full deck?

As restrictions role back and doors crack open, phrases like new normal, snap back, and come out from under the doona, have grown old. Words like pivot, reset and v-curve have for some already become cringeworthy.

What we all need right now is a clean slate – well perhaps butcher’s paper or a whiteboard is more practical for our purposes. Every organization and even individual needs to get back to basics - today. A quick, simple and doable way to re-evaluate your situation is good old SWOT - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Of course this is not any sort of magical solution.

When it feels like the entire deck of cards is spread across the floor like someone has been playing fifty two card pickup, then before you start playing again it’s wise to first check if you are playing with a full hand. SWOT, really - why?

Check the hand you have been dealt

First check your situation - be honest with yourself. Be frank and be fearless - how has the world changed for you? Who and where is your customer now? When do they need your products or services - is it the same as before? What is the impact on your business - thriving, surviving or drowning?

In short, what is your situation and what is going on around you? What can you control and what is out of your control? How does your business need to change?

Plan to win, don’t fail to plan

Even if your business is booming, repeating old mantras (unless you are meditating) will not be enough. Returning to business as usual is highly likely to leave you exposed. SWOT can deliver more than a strategy that sits in the bottom draw.

By extending the 1960s old school SWOT process, and with the support of David Pyatt - clear tactical solutions and achievable operational plans on how you find, engage, convert and retain your customers can be developed. Clearly defined tasks are prioritized for you to allocate to teams or individuals, and timelines are applied. Together we can get back in business.

Working together on your Covid era plan

The good news is that most of the information you need for us to develop your strategy, tactical solutions and operational plan are held inside your organization, or within your personal knowledge of the business.

Nobody is going to tell you how to run your business. All that is required is to give the challenge your full focus of attention and follow the process. An investment of just a few hours (10-12) can result in a sense of clarity, purpose and certainty that is rare in these uncertain times.

Crisis plan

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